ClickBank is the most popular affiliate marketing network out there.

It's very easy to sign up with them because they don't require a website.

They allow you to join instantly and pay your first commission on your first sale.

All you need to do is register on their website and follow their simple instructions.

What's great about ClickBank is that it has strict security measures in place.

When you join ClickBank, they will ask you to sign up for a free account. This is an account you will have to verify with an email address.

Important to note: there are also countries where ClickBank is not available.

If your country is included in the list, all hope is not lost.

There are other affiliate networks that you can sign up with.

OK, let's dive in and set up our ClickBank account:

But first, a disclaimer:

This site is 100% reader-supported & this article contains affiliate links. If you buy through my affiliate links, it will NOT you cost a penny extra, however, I may earn commission, which helps support my mission of serving fellow affiliate marketers. Thanks for your support! It means the world!

5 Easy Steps to Creating a ClickBank Account:

Step 1. Go to the ClickBank website and click the button that says "Start Here" in the top right of the menu to sign up.

Then answer a few survey questions to create your account:

Step 2. Fill in your personal information, set up a password and then click the button: Join ClickBank

You’ll have to meet all the password requirements, otherwise, you won't be able to move forward with your signup process.

Also, you'll be required to click on the button to view the Terms and Conditions, scroll down to the very bottom and click on the Accept button before you’ll see a checkmark on the “I agree…”

Step 3. Then you’ll be presented with a popup to join a training program or not.

If you click on the green “Yes” button and you’ll be taken to the Spark by ClickBank page.

This is ClickBank’s own training program, and you can choose to join this or not.

If not, and you click on the “No” button, you’ll get to the ClickBank Dashboard.

On the Dashboard, you’ll get a popup about downloading a suppression list.

Click on the button to download it, and you’ll be able to view the entire ClickBank Dashboard.

If you get an error message just hit the back button and you should be routed back to the Dashboard.

Step 4. Complete Your Profile

From the Dashboard, click on the button to complete your profile.

You will need to put in your address and other required info, or you won’t be able to click on the button to save your information.

You’ll get access to all the tabs on the sidebar once you complete your profile.

Then go ahead and fill in your payment details, so you can be paid.

After completing your registration process, you be re-routed back to the ClickBank dashboard to begin your affiliate marketing journey with ClickBank.

Step 5. Set up an “Account Nickname”

Click on the “Accounts” tab.

Click on the “Create an Account” button and select “Affiliate” from the drop-down menu, then enter your desired username and click the “Sign Up” button.

Click on the "Affiliate Marketplace" tab from the dashboard.

You will then get to the ClickBank Marketplace:

From here, you have the option of using the Search bar on top to search for affiliate programs or products, or you can click on the tabs on the left sidebar.

Personally, I like to click on TOP OFFERS and see what offers are performing best on ClickBank (regardless of the niche).

I find that studying the top offers on the platform can help improve my skills as a marketer regardless of whether I plan on promoting those products to my audience or not.

Once you've clicked on TOP OFFERS, the search results will show you the gravity, links to the affiliate page and the sales page of the products that are available:

It's important to not just select "any old offer," but to use ClickBank's filtering system to only select offers that have been proven to perform.

As a start, it is vital that you ensure that your results are always sorted by Rank "High to Low."  

Next, you have the option of only showing offers that features Upsells in their funnels.

You can also select by Customer Billing type (whether you only want to show offers that have a one-time payment or that use recurring billing - i.e. with recurring commission).

You can also select offers by language (which is great if you have an audience in a language other than English).  

Finally, you can elect to only show offers with a Gravity above a certain minimum (I would suggest ONLY ever promoting offers with a Gravity over a minimum of 10, never under that).  

Personally, I like to select offers that have an Average Conversion over $100 as promoting anything below that threshold really isn't worth my time.  

And finally, you can search for offers within certain niche categories as well.  
Click around and see what is on offer, as well as what is performing best for each category.  

Based on your niche, you can usually find excellent offers on ClickBank that will be a solid fit for your audience and their needs.

Once you've found an offer you'd like to promote, click on the blue "Promote" Button.

This will bring up the Hoplink Generator Popup.

You will go ahead and enter your Account Nickname that you selected earlier in this set up process and you will enter that on the top line.  

If you wish to use an additional tracking ID for your internal records, you may also add that to the second line.

Then hit "Create Hoplink" and your affiliate link will be generated for you.  

Make sure to always test your link before using to ensure that it takes you to the desired sales page.  

If you have the option to select between VSL (Video Sales Page) and TSL (Text Sales Page), always select VSL, as video has far higher conversion rates over text.  

Copy your Encrypted Hoplink and you're ready to go:

You can now copy that link and place it in the submit buttons on your Affiliate Pre-Sell Funnel Page.

All clicks on that link are tracked and any sales generated from that link will be awarded to you under that specific account nickname.

Another way to get affiliate links is through a vendor's affiliates or JV page.

Below is how you get one using a ClickBank product called Exipure...

To access the vendor's Affiliate Page, simply click on the button that says "Affiliate Page" (which is under the blue Promote button from the previous step).

Doing this will take you to the vendor's Affiliate or JV page, where they will give you your promo links, as well as email swipes, banners and other promotional and tracking material (like pixels, etc.).

To get your affiliate link, you'd just click on "Get Links" at the top of the page. And then follow the instructions it presents to you:

Again, they will ask you for your ClickBank Nickname (also often called your ClickBank ID).

You will need to enter it to ensure that all sales through your affiliate link are tracked and credited to you.

If they provide you email swipes, these are great to use as they oftentimes use 7-figure copywriters to write these and they are proven to convert.

Be sure to add a bit of your own voice to them as well, however, because every other affiliate will also be using these swipes and you want to sound unique and like yourself.

OK, now you've got your hoplink and now matter which way you received it, they are the same links and work the same way.

Which means now it’s time to promote the product.

Depending on the strategy you’re using, make sure you always use your hoplink to redirect people to the product sales page.

If you don’t, ClickBank won’t be able to track that a sale was made through you, which means you don’t get your commission.

Now that you’ve learned how to create a ClickBank account and where to find your affiliate links, you can get started right away by promoting offers and earning commissions!

If you have any issues or need support, you can alway reach out to their support team, by clicking this button in your ClickBank Dashboard:

If you have difficulty signing up for an account or get a message that indicates that your signup has been rejected or your account has been restricted, please write to and explain your situation.

This isn’t something for their regular customer support.  

And that's it!

Happy promotions!

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