Getting clicks to your links is easy. Generating leads that convert is hard work...

I've teamed up with the Godfather of Solo Ads to do the hard work for you, so you can focus on helping your customers succeed 📈

Discover how to claim your freedom back by leveraging our brand-new virgin, risk-free traffic source!

Get More Leads, Sales and Profit To Your Website With Hyper Targeted Solo Ads!

100% Real Human Traffic Always

Gain Access To The Highest Quality Solo Ad Traffic Available.

It's Our Promise To Provide The Highest Quality Solo Ads Campaign To Your Offers or Websites & Be The ONLY Traffic Source You Will Ever Need!

We can provide traffic for almost ANY offer in the 'Make Money Online' space. Be it Bizopp, MLM, MMO, Affiliate Marketing Offers, Clickbank, CPL and CPA offers, and many more.

❓What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are a brand new highly-scalable PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic source.

They are different from other red-tape-intensive, self-serving PPC networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords in 3 significant ways...

1) Warm Solo Ad Leads 🔥

Solo ad leads are delivered to you in a high state of readiness to buy.

It’s a well-known scientific fact that people make buying decisions with their emotions and then justify with logic.

This is true 100% of the time.

And while most prospects you get with traditional PPC sources are skeptical and analytical…

Solo ad prospects are highly-emotional.

This, of course, makes them an ideal fit for anyone who’s looking to generate sales!

2) With Solo Ads There's No Red Tape & No Limitations ✅

Another reason why Solo Ads have become the preferred choice for results-driven marketing professionals is all of the rules and regulations that now dominate most ad networks.

Thankfully, solo ads have none.

We've all heard the horror stories told by marketers who've had their incomes (part and full-time) completely wiped out overnight by a low-rank white collared pencil pusher for no reason whatsoever!

Great news is you can't and won’t get “slapped” or “banned” with Solo ads… EVER!

With Solo Ads, you’re safely protected from bureaucratic bullshit.

3) Solo Ads Deliver Fast Results 💨

Traditional Pay Per Click sources are painfully slow.

First obstacle you bump against is the endless hoops you must jump through to get your offer listed on the network and approved by the mods, which can take WEEKS.

With our Solo Ads, we'll have you up and running within 36-72 hrs (and oftentimes less!)

We want you to get FAST RESULTS (so you come back and order more traffic!) instead of getting stuck with time-consuming, mind-numbing set up procedures.

🥇 What Makes Our Solo Ad Traffic Top Notch

Lead generation is the most time consuming and least rewarding daily activity for most internet marketers.

On average, they spend 40 hours a week just trying to get targeted visitors to their pages with no results to show for it... maybe you can relate?

We feature:

✋ Handpicked Prospects

We cherry pick the best prospects... in peak emotional state... at the perfect time in their internet marketing journey which translates into higher conversions and more back end profits for you.

🤑 High Readiness To Buy

These prospects are bursting with desire to start and grow their online business. They've been online for long enough to feel smart about their buying decisions.

😍 Emotionally Invested Leads

To them it's no longer a question of "how much?" or "should I?", it's about "How soon can I get the money?" and "When can we start?"

🛞 No Tire-Kickers

You won’t find sub-par leads here. Forget about coaxing deadbeat tire kickers who question everything because they need to choose between paying rent and buying your product.

🏆 100% Top-Tier

Our traffic is strictly Tier-1, and consists of visitors that are 90% from the United States and 10% Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

🛡️ Risk-Free Guarantee

We send you PROVEN BUYERS LEADS with every solo ads run!

We insist on protecting you against a bad Solo Ad run because we believe you shouldn't be the one who bears all the risk.

**We will analyze & qualify your landing page to make sure it's eligible before ever sending traffic. If we do not feel it's eligible, we will not run traffic to your page. It's that simple. Instead, we will make suggestions to improve your page (and get it ready for premium traffic) and once it's improved, we can then run traffic for you.

🛡️ Wait! How Can You Guarantee Buyer Leads?

We've been running solo ads for the last 15 years, which has allowed us to develop a game-changing, prospect-qualifying advantage which is out of reach for 99% of solo ad agencies and PPC networks.

It allows us to cherry pick the best prospects and buyer leads... in peak emotional state... at the perfect time in their internet marketing journey to send to you.

🙋 Which Offers Convert Best With Your Traffic?

Solo ads aren’t a great fit for anyone who promotes video marketing programs, webinar software, web design services, search engine optimization services, binary options, forex robots, dating, weight loss and anything else outside the scope of making money from home.

Here’s a quick glimpse into the most popular offers we’re running right now:

🤔 How to Get the MOST Out of Solo Ads?

1. Landing/Optin/Squeeze Page

We will NOT send traffic directly to affiliate links.

You must have an email capture page in place for us to send traffic to.

The whole idea of solo ads traffic is to generate great quality leads that you can capture and follow up with over time using an effective email series.

So many are focused on the Front End Sale alone, that they miss out on building their list and, frankly, they are wasting money by doing this!

Your leads are your equity and the backbone of your business.

We use and recommend for all our capture page needs.

2. Your Offer/Product

Now that you've captured the lead, what's next?

You need to send your leads/prospects to what you promised them.

Maybe be a sales video, sales letter/page, free training, sign up to a webinar. etc...

Remember to send out a welcome email also!

Introduce yourself and connect with your leads, they need to know you and trust you before they'll spend their money with you.

3. The All Important Follow Up! (The Key To Making MORE SALES!)

An effective email follow-up series is the most important part of your funnel process…

A lot of people, including yourself, probably never buy anything on the first visit, right?

Just think about when you were first starting out, did you buy into the first and every offer you saw?

I’m sure the answer is NO...

But with an effective email followup series, you can keep following up with your leads until they buy your main offer, then continue to market more offers or products to them.

4. Advertising is a Numbers Game

Marketing & Advertising = Numbers Game

It is vital to treat this like a business not a hobby.

You need to keep building your lists, keep promoting your offers, don’t give up …

If you treat this like, "oh, I'm just gonna send a few hundred clicks and then I'll be rich..."

I hate to tell you, you're wrong and you're going to end up wasting a lot of money.

Building a Real Online Business requires dedication, hard work, and following up with your leads daily.

I would recommend setting a weekly traffic budget of whatever you can afford and sticking to it.

Then re-investing a portion of the profits from the business into scaling your traffic, so that you can scale your income.

This is how a REAL business is built.

🙌 Clients Share Success Stories

Linda P.
46% Optin Rate & Got Sales. I was hesitant to purchase but very happy with the results! Thanks!
Timothy T.
38% Optin Rate & Got 3 Sales. Great run! Awesome to work with and will be ordering more!
Alana S.
46% Optin Rate & Got Sales. This is my first run & I am very pleased with the quality of the traffic and the speed.
Daniel H.
56% Optin Rate. Very good run and high quality traffic. Buying more soon!
Jay C.
54% Optin Rate & Got Sales. Great run, very easy to work with, very friendly and great traffic! Very good for MLM!
Juan F.
39% Optin Rate & Got Sales. Great run, for sure one of my trusted vendors. I will come back for more!

🧐 Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will my traffic start after I have submitted my order? Does the size of my order delay or advance my position in the queue?

We queue campaigns on a first come, first serve basis, which means, the longer you sit on your hands, the longer you'll have to wait. If you're facing a deadline or promoting a product launch with a specific "cart open" or cart close" date, please reach out to us at the "Get in Touch" Chat button at the bottom right of the page HERE to see if we can accommodate your preferred send dates.

Are there any guarantees?

YES! We guarantee to deliver your traffic on time (within 36-72 hrs and often FASTER than that!), we guarantee it's going to be 100% real human traffic (no fake clicks or bots here!) and we also guarantee there will be BUYER LEADS in your clicks. We do not guarantee conversions or sales, because we do not know how each lead will react to your specific offer.

Is your traffic top-tier? 

Yes, our traffic is 100% top-tier (Tier 1 - 90% from the United States and 10% from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom).

Can I specify mobile-only or desktop-only traffic?

Not at this time. Our traffic is a solid mix of mobile and desktop traffic. 

Which niche offers can I advertise with you?

At this time, we're primarily focused on serving the Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, MLM and Business Opportunity markets. Anything that falls outside of these markets is not a good fit for our traffic. 

How do I track my order?

We suggest using OptinDojo so you can track your clicks and your optins in real time. Here's a 100% free step-by-step walk-through guide to help you set up your OptinDojo tracking link and tracking pixel.

Is this Buyer Traffic?

Yes, it is. According to the recent marketing study done by Psychology Today, people rationalize buying decisions with logic, but they make buying decisions based on emotions. This means, when the right brain cells are triggered, people will buy regardless of time limitations, budget limitations or knowledge limitations. That's why, as long as basic demographic targeting is in place, the only parameter which qualifies a buyer is their emotional state. And that's exactly what you get with Alex's Solo Ads. Emotionally-engaged prospects who have decided to suspend rational thinking and skepticism for a while, giving you a shot at making your case and signing up into your business opportunity.

Do I need to provide an Email Swipe?

No, you do not. All marketing materials are custom created by us for each and every campaign.

How many clicks can I buy?

Anywhere from 100 - 5,000 clicks per order. For more than 5,000 clicks, please use the "Get in Touch" chat button at the bottom right hand side of the page HERE to see if we can accommodate your order.

Which payment types do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

When will the traffic begin?

Once the order is confirmed, your Solo Ad campaign will usually start within 72 hours. Most of the time, traffic will start within 24 to 36 hours.

Do you offer overdelivery of clicks?

Yes! Absolutely! We deliver over 10% more clicks than what you order on every campaign.

How often can I re-order traffic?

Our lists are refreshed with hundreds of new optins daily, so you can order as many times as you like and your offer will always fall upon fresh eyes!

Who can I contact for additional information?

Feel free to reach out to the "Get in Touch" Chat Button at the bottom right hand side of the page HERE for any additional questions you may have.