Where to start?

My name is Alex S. Elliot and, while AlexSElliot.com is run by an intrepid team of incredible peeps... I'm the founder and face of this brand.

And at the end of the day, it's up to me to keep the lights on around here.

So, a quick intro:

I'm a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner by career.

And a 7-Figure Super Affiliate by choice.

It took me 16 years of trial & error...

...hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted...

...MASSIVE amounts of failure...

...a slew of bad choices that saw me end up homeless for a time...

...plus a whole lot of tenacious "stick-to-it-tiveness" to finally "make it" online.

And honestly...

I overcomplicated the whole damn thing for waaaaaaay toooooo loooooong.

As I finally learned after making nearly every mistake in the book...

Earning 6-7 figures a year with affiliate marketing boils down to only 3 things.

And these 3 things are what I've built my entire business model around.

Because when you master these 3 things...

It's like the heavens open up after a long slog in the desert and blessings (finally) rain down from above.

In fact, I saw someone ask on Quora the other day, "Why is Affiliate Marketing so hard?" and I thought to myself...

"Oh sweet summer child... Affiliate Marketing isn't hard.

You just haven't learned how to do it right yet...

...but I promise you, when you do... you will never worry for money a day in your life again...

...nor will you ever need to work more than an hour per day at most."

My hope for you if you're here on this page, reading this silly little "About Me" blurb...

...is that you will suspend your disbelief, say 'Sayonara' to your skepticism, subscribe to this blog and go on a journey with me.

A journey towards becoming a 7-Figure Super Affiliate, yourself.

If you join me, my promise to you is to share with you:

  • every mistake made,
  • every lesson learned,
  • every principle I rely on for success,
  • every strategy I leverage,
  • every tactic I employ,
  • every tool I use in my business,
  • every mindset I embrace, and
  • the EXACT 3-step system I use to work only 30 mins a day and earn high 5- and sometimes even 6-figs (on a good month) in recurring passive income each month.

Basically, I'll give you the game plan to ensure you never go hungry again.

To that end... go sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page and get ready to take my hand and have your life forever changed... (sounds intense, lol)

And it will be, but in a good way, I promise...

I'm excited for you!

LFG! 🚀