If you've listened to any of my training, when it comes to an easy platform to get started with to promote affiliate products to my go-to recommendation is the ClickBank Marketplace.

The reason is because ClickBank approves virtually everyone (unless you are from Nigeria or some other country outside their approval zones), and they have an amazing selection of products to promote with high commissions.

The other reasons are because I make a bulk of my money with ClickBank (so I'm biased) and also because they are extremely reliable with their on time payments, which matters a lot to most affiliates.

But in this blog post, I want to give you a list of other options besides ClickBank to think about.

I don't want my own bias to keep you from seeing that there are a lot of affiliate offers to promote outside of ClickBank.

Boatloads of money are being made on other networks and I want you to see that the world does not begin and end on Clickbank.

Let's dive into my 3 favorite ClickBank alternatives (in no particular order):

But first, a disclaimer:

This site is 100% reader-supported & this article contains affiliate links. If you buy through my affiliate links, it will NOT you cost a penny extra, however, I may earn commission, which helps support my mission of serving fellow affiliate marketers. Thanks for your support! It means the world!

1 - JVZoo

About JVZoo

JVZoo is very similar to Clickbank in that it’s primarly a digital products network for affiliates and sellers , but that's pretty much where the similarity ends.

JVZoo hasn't been around as long as ClickBank has, but it's a big contender in the space as it's super easy to navigate and one of its huge selling points is that it pays out affiliate commissions instantly!

You must be selective about the products you promote regardless of the affiliate network, but especially with JVZoo.

If you want to promote digital products, you should start with ClickBank. If you don't find what you need there, you might want to try JVZoo.

This doesn't mean that the products on JVZoo or JVZoo itself aren't as good as the products on ClickBank. It just means that you'd have to spend more time vetting the products on JVZoo.

Why choose JVZoo?

JVZoo is a great affiliate network to start out with. It's easy for new people to join and navigate, so joining and being a part of the network isn't as hard or scary as joining other big affiliate networks like it.

JVZoo has a large number of affiliates and digital products, just like ClickBank.

Their main focus is on Make-Money-Online (MMO) products, so if you have a list that's interested in MMO products, you should definitely check out what JVZoo has to offer.

Affiliates can get their commissions right away through JVZoo.

Not all vendors in the JVZoo network let you do this, so don't always expect to have this option.

Even so, it's nice to know that it is possible to get your commission up front and FAST.

Why NOT choose JVZoo?

This network has a lot of less-than-perfect offers.

Some of them have terrible grammar or sales pages that are really poorly done.

This doesn't mean you can't be successful with JVZoo; it just means you have to look through the products more carefully before deciding to promote something than you would on ClickBank (which has higher product offering standards).

As a rule, you want to carefully evaluate any offer you choose to promote, but it is especially important here (and on our next suggested platform as well).

Affiliate Support

For its customers, affiliates, and merchants, JVZoo has a customary Knowledge Base and a way to get in touch with Support.

Payment Methods

JVZoo sends commissions by direct deposit and by check. They can also use online services like PayPal, Stripe, and BlueSnap to send it.

Minimum payout is US$50.

2 - WarriorPlus

About WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is very similar to JVZoo in that it’s primarly a digital products network for affiliates and sellers and, in that you need to carefully screen the products on this platform as well.

WarriorPlus has been around since 2005, so they've certainly got street cred as well as some great offers on their platform.

Again, you need to be selective about the products you promote regardless of the affiliate network, but especially those from WarriorPlus

If you want to promote digital products, you should start with ClickBank, then scan JVZoo.

If you can't find anything that fits what you're looking for, then WarriorPlus is a good third option.

This doesn't mean that the products on WarriorPlus aren't as good as the products on JVZoo or ClickBank. It just means that, similar to with JVZoo, you'd need to spend more time vetting the products on WarriorPlus.

Why choose WarriorPlus?

Hundreds of MMO offers with fresh offers coming online all the time.

Loads of successful product vendors as well.

Instant payouts available with PayPal.

Just need to do a good job vetting any products you wish to promote.

Why NOT choose WarriorPlus?

Some of the offers on WarriorPlus can be downright scammy, spammy and generally, best stayed far away from.

And conversely, some are great.

It's really going to be up to you to do your homework and vet the offer properly (which may include buying it and going through it yourself) before ever promoting it (a good habit to get into anyway).

Reason for this is that - similar to JVZoo - their platform vetting standards are not as high quality as ClickBank's.

Affiliate Support

WarriorPlus has a customary Knowledge Base for Customers, Affiliates and Vendors, as well as a Support Chat System that provides excellent support with an average response time of approximately 3 hours.

Payment Methods

Payouts are made on WarriorPlus via the following methods:

- PayPal (instant payments available to affiliates in good standing with the platform)

- Payoneer

- Bank Account

3 - Direct JV offers with Product Owners (that aren't open to the public)

About Direct JV Offers with Products Owners

I saved this one for last because it's an advanced tactic.

But honestly, it's my favorite.

Less competition.

Exclusive offers.

Favorable terms all the way up the funnel (meaning, I can get a large % of all upsells and not just front-end sales).

And all it usually requires is the ability to get at least 200 people to show up on a webinar.

If I know I can do that (based on my list size, email stats, previous affiliate sale and webinar stats), then I can easily approach a product owner or JV Manager for a product owner and propose a Joint Webinar to offer the product to my list.

It's as simple as that.

Why choose Direct JV Offers with Products Owners?

Easy. You get access to offers that are proven-to-convert and that aren't oversaturated because affiliate relationships not offered to the public.

This means these offers haven't been beaten to death by every Tom, Dick and Harry with an email list and are still fresh, which means they convert like gangbusters.

Most product owners will have a JV Manager that will give you concierge support.

And payment terms are usually via Wire Transfer after the refund period.

Why NOT choose Direct JV Offers with Products Owners?

The only reason you wouldn't pursue this route is that you are not yet able to guarantee that you can fill 200 webinar seats with your list.

Once you can, however, this is definitely a preferred route.

Affiliate Support

As mentioned above, normally, when you go this route, you'll be dealing directly with a JV manager who will ensure you have everything you need in a timely manner to promote the webinar.

I've always had a great experience working with Product Owners and their JV Managers in this way.

Payment Methods

Because these Product Owners don't have publicly available Affiliate Programs and because you're usually dealing in higher volumes with this type of sale, payment terms are usually via wire transfer at the conclusion of the refund period.

And that's it!

Hope you enjoyed my 3 favorite ClickBank Alternatives!

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